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September 22, 2010


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Cory Style

Hi Karolinka!

I feel so touched to have reached people from so many far away and special places!

Love your blog too--very chic and cute!


Hi Cory!
I think you have amazing personality and you are very honest with your posts, that's why I like your blog so much and I have to add here that I read it all - took me two evenings:) I add you to my blogroll and will visit your blog very often. Regards from Cyprus!

Cory Style

Thanks Rhapsody! :)


Love the outfit Cory!

Cory Style

hey elena!!

awww thanks sweetie! its so cool to know that someone half way around the world from me is interested in the silly random stuff i post here :)

take care!


Hello Cory :)

Just want to tell you that you are amazing!
All your clothes, food, restaurants, and of course your dog....
I follow your blog from Serbia

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