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May 13, 2012


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Cory Style

Thanks J!

Showcase thread will be posted in a little while...just moved back to So Cal so things are a bit crazy busy and messy at the moment...stay tuned though :)


Wow...everything looks so yummy!

Can you please update your showcase thread? I'm having! :p you have the best stuff.

Cory Style

Hi Bonnie!

Thanks for the sweet note! Coincidentally, I am actually going to be going to Toronto this Friday for a few days with the BF and his parents (we loved it so much last time we thought we'd do one more visit while we're still in Boston).

I'd love some food can email me from the "Email Me" form on the left toolbar of my blog or just message me on TPF too.



Hi Cory, I came across your blog while reading through the Chanel forums on TPF. If you are ever in Toronto again, please let me know and I can give you some recommendations on places to eat since you seem like such a foodie! Great blog and keep up the good work!

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